Monday, January 31, 2011

The Wedding Luncheon - TSE 2011 - In Love with Metallics

Throughout this week I will be sharing my thoughts on many new things and experiences I had while in Phoenix.  It was so wonderful to be with many friends in the industry to hear their stories and desires about what they love and it inspires me.  I go every year to learn, discuss, network and bring back to my clients the newest and latest ideas for their events.  All I can say is that there is so much talent out there, and I am thrilled to be involved in such an amazing industry! 

I loved the entrance to the ballroom!


I had the pleasure of being invited to have lunch with Rhonda from Raye C Marketing
and many of her friends at her table.  Thank you Rhonda for including me! 

xo, Colette

Sunday, January 23, 2011

La Fete on the Panel at the Ventura~Santa Barbara ABC with Mary Dann~McNamee

Wednesday night at the Ventura Santa Barbara Chapter of ABC, Mary Dann-McNamee's talk explored the dynamics of working with leaders and followers. She provided insights and tools that will serve the Santa Barbara ABC Community as they journey through any type of intimate event planning situation; such as a mother-daughter planning a wedding, teenager and parents planning a mitzvah or a corporate planner and their team planning a gala or corporate meeting.

The presentation was based on years of experience working with couples in a therapeutic situation combined with her expertise in special events.

The talks’ main objective was to identify the Leadership Personality, Leadership Traits and the ability to motivate and identify traits that make up a good Follower or “Team Member”. She explored how important it is to recognize the balance intrinsic to creating a positive outcome for the team.

She and her panel of experts, Colette and Kaitlin Lopez of La Fete Weddings, and Nikki Khan of Exquisite Events, identified how good leadership affects followers allowing the team to succeed. They also shared how to recognize specific personalities within a planning environment and to leverage each individual’s unique ability to contribute.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fine Soaps and Fragrances

Today we would love to share about these gorgeous soaps for favors or gifts for your bridal party.  These not only look beautiful they smell amazing!  These 3" Handcrafted soaps are made with the finest ingredients to produce rich and creamy lather that moisterizes the skin.  Let us know if you are interested in ordering these for your upcoming shower or event.