Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jill and Josh's Santa Barbara Estate Wedding


We met and within 4 months we organized and designed this intimate family style tuscan wedding!
Jill had amazing taste and wanted many items personal and custom.  We found Archive rentals and they made our tables and provided the different china patterns for each of the tables.  Good Gracious provided the delicious food stations and served the guests table side with a gorgeous family style platters.  
Her father helped with the making of her cake, since he had made her birthday cakes for her as a child.  It was the most beautiful Summer day at the estate on the ocean called Terra Bella!  The guests mingled wine tasted and enjoyed the fun music provided by Dwight Kennedy.  Josh is a singer/ songwriter, and instead of dancing with his bride he took the stage and sang the song "All Shook Up" to her, which as you can see she loved!  
Thank you Joe Bussink for the amazing images of this fun event, we did sneak a few in of our own we shot that day too.


Tim Halberg said...

beautiful wedding, well done! (and props on the pics to Joe)

La Fete said...

Thank you Tim! The day was a perfect Summer Day in Santa Barbara- our team did such a great job- clients were thrilled!